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Only those children will be admitted to kindergarten who have reached their fifth birthday by August 31st, and to the first grade who have reached their sixth birthday by the same date.

Any students admitted will be expected to observe the following conditions:

  • That they will participate in all religion classes, fulfilling all required work.
  • That they follow the school schedule, including Holy Mass and other religious functions.

Marian Congregational Schools are not schools for all students. The principal will interview parents seeking enrollment for their children.


Any student seeking admission to Marian Congregational Schools may be required to take a placement test.


Children qualified for special education needs in any category, including learning disabilities, speech and/or language impairments, mental illness/retardation, behavior disorder, visual/hearing/physical and/or other health impairments, will be admitted only at the discretion of the administration. At any time the administration may revoke admittance for students considered inappropriate for the setting.


Furthermore, children who are experiencing difficulty in learning will be admitted on probation; parents will be expected to cooperate in remedying the difficulty at the discretion of the teacher. If the requirements are not fulfilled, the child will be dismissed.


Children already admitted who are experiencing difficulty in learning will also be subject to the above probation and/or dismissal.




Please click on the link below for the scheduled tuition and fees for St. Mary's Academy :

Tuition and Fees


Students must be modestly attired at all times both at school and at school activities. Every student must come to school in his/her proper uniform, which shall be neat, clean, and presentable. This uniform must be worn during the entire time that the students are at school and at all designated functions. Students not in conformity with the dress code shall be subject to a consequence. A note is required each day the student is out of uniform. If for any reason a student cannot be in complete uniform, he/she shall dress according to the formal non-uniform code, as described below.


Hair shall be conservatively cut and neatly trimmed. It shall not be dyed or bleached. Hair shall not be over the ears or collar and no side burns beyond mid-ear are permitted. Earrings and pierced ears are not permitted. No visible jewelry will be allowed.



Complete School Uniform:

  • Uniform sweater or vest
  • Uniform slacks
  • Belt (except elastic-waist pants)
  • White dress shirt
  • Uniform tie
  • Black or navy socks
  • Black dress shoes

Formal Non-Uniform Code:

  • Suit or dress shirt with tie
  • Sweater/sports jacket
  • Dress slacks
  • Socks
  • Dress shoes (no tennis shoes or boots)

Informal Non-Uniform Code:

  • Pants (neat: no holes or frayed edges)
  • No blue jeans or T-shirts allowed
  • Socks
  • Shoes (clean and neat)
  • Shirts (tucked in and free of inappropriate insignia)


Hair should be neatly and conservatively styled, brushed and arranged away from the face. Students should not dye their hair. Makeup, colored or sparkly nail polish is not allowed. One pair of earrings, no longer than half inch in diameter, is permitted; dangling earrings is not permitted. All other jewelry is prohibited.


Complete School Uniform:

  • Uniform plaid jumper or skirt (as appropriate to grade level)
  • Uniform sweater or vest
  • Uniform white blouse
  • Uniform socks
  • Black polishable feminine dress shoes (heels not to exceed 1 inch)
  • Uniform beret

Formal Non-Uniform Code:

  • Apparel shall be neat, clean and presentable
  • Skirts or dresses must be loose fitting with no slits.
  • Skirts and sleeves shall be the same length as the uniform skirt and blouse.
  • Slips must be worn.
  • No sweatshirts or tight fitting pullovers are allowed. Blouses may not be shear.
  • Necklines must be high enough (estimate 2-3 finger spaces beneath the pit of the throat) and garment should not be tightly fitting overly accentuating the form.
  • Tops should be long enough to cover the abdomen when arms are raised.
  • Socks or nylons must be worn. No tennis shoes or boots are permitted.
  • All hair and jewelry rules apply.

Informal Non-Uniform Code:

  • Pants must be loose-fitting and lady like with no holes or frayed edges.
  • No blue jeans or T-shirts
  • No low-ride or hip hugger styles
  • Refer to formal dress code for blouses and tops.

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