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Altar Servers: For men and boys who treasure the unique opportunity to serve in the Sacred Liturgy. See Weekly Bulletin for schedule.


Handmaids of the Queen Sodality: Open to young ladies 13 years of age and older.  They strive to imitate the virtues of the Blessed Virgin Mary in a special way, help with parish activities, and devote themselves to spiritual and corporal works of mercy.


Ushers: Laymen who assist in maintaining order in the church during Holy Mass and the Liturgy. 


Altar and Rosary Society: All of the women of the parish are invited to take part in this organization that supports the church in various ways:  activities, fund raisers, and supplying for the needs of the Liturgy. 


Confraternity of CMRI: For men and women who wish to affiliate with the religious Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen as lay members, and strive for a Marian spirituality.


Parish Choir: For dedicated volunteers who can sing the chants and hymns for the Mass and other liturgical functions.


Parish Organizations

St. Mary's Parish

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