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May all who see me, see thee, O Mary!

“The Sodality of Our Lady is an association approved by the Holy See in which the members consecrate themselves to the Blessed Virgin Mary and strive to become good Catholics, sincerely bent on sanctifying themselves and on being zealous apostles in behalf of their neighbor and the Church.


            “According to Pope Pius XII:

      1. The Sodality is a ‘school of piety and Christian apostolate.’
      2. The Sodality is a ‘way of life.’
      3. The Sodality is ‘Catholic action under the auspices and inspiration of the Blessed Virgin Mary.’
      4. The Sodality has a ‘magnificent program traced out by the rules.’”*


            “The rules of the Sodality of Our Lady may be summarized thus:

      1. Sodalists consecrate themselves to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
      2. With the Blessed Virgin Mary, Sodalists must be:

- Sincerely bent on sanctifying themselves.

- Zealous to save and sanctify their neighbor.

- Zealous to defend the church.


      1. The cultivation of a loving devotion to our Blessed Mother
      2. Daily prayer schedule consisting of morning and night prayers and the daily rosary
      3. Meetings twice a month, plus any scheduled activities
      4. To live the Sodality motto: “May all who see me, see thee, O Mary!”

*Taken from The Junior Sodality Handbook by Aloysius J. Heeg, S.J

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